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Primo Play Mats

Gorgeous Play mats designed with love and without compromise. Our Korean-made Play Mats are specially designed for your little one as they grow. Perfect for playtime & family time!

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Our Customer Testimonials

Not all playmats are made equal. Ours is far superior. Don’t just take it from us! Many parents have tried our playmats and their remarks are shown below.

  • Baby Ashton is on top of world! 🐨 Love this Latest Collection of Primo Babies - Playmat (Double sided design)

    Its Non-Toxic, Soft Cushioning, Waterproof and Durable! Good for Baby Ashton tummy-time and learning to...
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    Andrew C. Avatar
    Andrew C.
    25 Sep 2020

    Highly recommend all parents to have Primo's playmat as part of their baby essentials list!

    It's been a month since we received our playmat and we did almost everything on it ever since then. In fact...
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    Cynthia T. Avatar
    Cynthia T.
    23 Sep 2020

    Really love our @primobabies playmat - love their reversible classic design, made in Korea. It is soft, water-proof and scratch resistant! A must-have item as baby grows πŸ‘£

    Chen C. Avatar
    Chen C.
    03 Aug 2020
  • Extremely pleased with their customer service. I bought a playmat from them awhile back, and when I took it out to use I noticed some stains and marks. After enquiring, they replied speedily offering to... read more

    Alicia L. Avatar
    Alicia L.
    26 Jul 2020

    Been deciding what mat to get for my son and im glad i choose primo . Service was really superb and prompt with delivery too ! Definitely quality assured and pretty design too ! Thank... read more

    Mayling M. Avatar
    Mayling M.
    25 Jul 2020

    Fast delivery before expected date. Very good quality playmat & nice design that will suit home furniture. Love it ! My son is very active and will hit his head everytime he crawls too fast.... read more

    Herni S. Avatar
    Herni S.
    16 Jul 2020
  • We were referred primo babies by a friend. We needed another mat for the living as the current mat we had was too small.

    Their material is very similar to Parklon, the protection it gave...
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    Kian G. Avatar
    Kian G.
    13 Jul 2020

    Tummy time with Primo Babies Playmat is safe for my boy. Highly recommend this superb playmat, 100% non-toxic and anti-slip with firm waterproof cushioning, easy to clean and scratch resistant, very durable!

    Mandy C. Avatar
    Mandy C.
    21 Jun 2020

    Delivery is extremely fast- received the next day after order was placed! Thankful for the friendly and personable customer service who tended to all our queries in a knowledgeable & professional manner and even provided... read more

    Chong J. Avatar
    Chong J.
    09 Jun 2020
  • We have decided to go with primo babies mat after seeing their advertisement that they are scratch resistant. Our kids are quite rough and they had previously made numerous holes in our old mat.

    Upon surfing,...
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    Christine A. Avatar
    Christine A.
    01 Jun 2020

    Strongly recommended because of the quality of the playmat and as well as the service rendered. Initially selected another design but wasn’t really satisfied. However they are willing to assist to solve the issue even... read more

    Lunnie K. Avatar
    Lunnie K.
    26 May 2020

    Very comfortable mat to sleep on the floor

    Except that when Baby sleep on the mat the embossed pattern can temporarily b seen on her hand lol πŸ˜‚

    There is a slight texture (embossed) on mat...
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    John N. Avatar
    John N.
    07 May 2020
  • Both my 2 months old baby and 24 months old toddler loves the playmat very much! It is aesthetically pleasing and the mat itself is thick, hence able to cushion my girls. I feel safe... read more

    Lirong S. Avatar
    Lirong S.
    29 Feb 2020

    Love the Primo Babies playmat! We have the plush playmat which is thick and soft. I like that it’s non-toxic, easy to clean and oh so pretty! The hot air balloons and lighthouses really speak... read more

    Hiong N. Avatar
    Hiong N.
    16 Feb 2020

    My baby and our family members love this play mat so much. We would sleep on it during noon nap time while playing with our little one! Beside it’s scratch resistance and so easy to... read more

    Kate L. Avatar
    Kate L.
    06 Feb 2020
  • Baby Zeph is enjoying his new reversible playmat by Primo babies! I really love that it is impact safe, made of non-toxic materials and waterproof!

    Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s non-slip surface gives...
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    Joanne S. Avatar
    Joanne S.
    09 Jan 2020

    They have the best quality scratch resistant mats and very pretty designs which is really an important factor in choosing a play mat that takes up the bulk of my living room.
    Scratch resistant is a...
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    Ma S. Avatar
    Ma S.
    06 Jan 2020

    I’ve recently purchased Primo Babies playmats and love how fantastic the quality is. Spending lots of time playing and exploring the graphics on the mat. My baby loves it! Highly recommended!

    Wenning C. Avatar
    Wenning C.
    13 Oct 2019