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Primo Play Mats

Gorgeous Play mats designed with love and without compromise. Our Korean-made Play Mats are specially designed for your little one as they grow. Perfect for playtime & family time!

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Our Customer Testimonials

Not all playmats are made equal. Ours is far superior to the rest! Don’t just take it from us. Many parents have tried our playmats and their remarks are shown below.

  • Both my 2 months old baby and 24 months old toddler loves the playmat very much! It is aesthetically pleasing and the mat itself is thick, hence able to cushion my girls. I feel safe... read more

    Lirong S. Avatar
    Lirong S.
    29 Feb 2020

    Love the Primo Babies playmat! We have the plush playmat which is thick and soft. I like that it’s non-toxic, easy to clean and oh so pretty! The hot air balloons and lighthouses really speak... read more

    Hiong N. Avatar
    Hiong N.
    16 Feb 2020

    My baby and our family members love this play mat so much. We would sleep on it during noon nap time while playing with our little one! Beside it’s scratch resistance and so easy to... read more

    Kate L. Avatar
    Kate L.
    06 Feb 2020
  • Baby Zeph is enjoying his new reversible playmat by Primo babies! I really love that it is impact safe, made of non-toxic materials and waterproof!

    Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, it’s non-slip surface gives...
    read more

    Joanne S. Avatar
    Joanne S.
    09 Jan 2020

    They have the best quality scratch resistant mats and very pretty designs which is really an important factor in choosing a play mat that takes up the bulk of my living room.
    Scratch resistant is a...
    read more

    Ma S. Avatar
    Ma S.
    06 Jan 2020

    I’ve recently purchased Primo Babies playmats and love how fantastic the quality is. Spending lots of time playing and exploring the graphics on the mat. My baby loves it! Highly recommended!

    Wenning C. Avatar
    Wenning C.
    13 Oct 2019
  • high quality, durable, easy to clean, and perfectly comfy !

    KC C. Avatar
    KC C.
    21 Aug 2019

    This mat is FAR superior to those puzzle foam mats, and non toxic as well. It folds up easily and is lightweight and easy to move and carry around. Although it's much thinner than the... read more

    Esther S. Avatar
    Esther S.
    16 Aug 2019

    Glad we chose primo babies! Great in terms of quality and baby’s comfort, it keep the play place safe while baby playing or just simply relaxing. What we love is their dual-sided design, it has... read more

    Elly T. Avatar
    Elly T.
    26 Jul 2019
  • superb quality playmat! the thickness feels premium & there are many designs to fit the aesthetics of my muji-themed home πŸ‘πŸ» price is affordable & its buck well-spent for the quality~

    Weishan T. Avatar
    Weishan T.
    08 Jul 2019

    Yey just unboxing the best gift ever for my little baby boy. It’s a Primo premium playmat! My kid loves it, so do I. The thickness is super thick & it’s safe for baby. Now... read more

    Efi N. Avatar
    Efi N.
    06 Jul 2019

    I just got Scibble Alphabet + Candy Stripe Playmat from Primo Babies and we truly loves the premium quality! The Alphabet is huge and in bright colours. My son is so attracted to it and... read more

    Ajwin A. Avatar
    Ajwin A.
    19 Jun 2019
  • Got as a gift for my friends baby, they liked the material and happy with the mat.

    Ethan S. Avatar
    Ethan S.
    21 Apr 2019

    Beautifully designed and high quality playmat for my child! And at this great price. Happy and satisfiedπŸ˜„

    Weiyu T. Avatar
    Weiyu T.
    26 Feb 2019