Care Guide & Essential Info

Follow our care tips and your playmat will be as good as new for a long time to come.

Before first use / Daily care


Wipe clean with a damp cloth before first use or for everyday care. Mild soap diluted with water or baby’s bath soap diluted with water works great. Wipe down with fresh water again to remove any residues.

Do not use any strong chemical cleansers or alcohol-based cleaners as they may cause discolouration and damage the surface of the playmat.

If using wet tissues, always wipe down again with fresh water to remove any residues.

Before first use

Things you need to know

You may notice slight crease lines on the play mat when it is first unrolled. These lines will settle and disappear over time after use due to the elasticity of the material. Place the playmat on the reverse side and allow to settle naturally.

If there are stubborn creases, roll-up the mats in the reverse direction and secure with Velcro straps overnight, unroll it the next day and let it settle on the reverse side naturally.

For your child’s safety, always remove all packaging and keep out of reach.

Essential info

Things to avoid

Beware that pen ink, markers etc will leave permanent marks on the mat.

Do not place heavy furniture on the play mat as it will leave deep depressions which will not ‘bounce’ back in a short period or may become permanent.

Keep the play mat away from sharp objects that may puncture the surface of the mat.

Keep away from hot objects or open flames to avoid damage/discolouration.

Avoid direct sunlight on the play mat for prolonged periods.

Do not steam clean.

For cleaning / when moving


When storing or cleaning, always roll your playmats instead of folding them. Avoid folding the playmats as it causes deep creases which may take a long time to subside.

Use the velcro straps to secure your playmat when not in use! They can stand upright and take up less space in the store.