Features & Safety

Our Playmats Features

Soft. Certified safe & non-toxic. Waterproof. Durable with stylish & engaging double-sided designs. Essential features that will be loved by the whole family!

Cushioning bumps and falls, use it for baby tummy time or when learning to crawl, to walk; as a padded area for your toddlers to play on, to read; for your children to relax or to do their activities; even using it as an exercise mat – they are just so versatile and useful for your home!

Suitable for Newborn and onwards. Proudly Made in Korea


Essential features:

  • Made of eco-friendly supremely thick soft PVC
  • Certified Non-toxic, no phthalates, no formamide and other harmful heavy metals substances (such as lead, mercury or zinc) BPA-Free.
  • Meet European safety standard with EN71 certification
  • Meet Korean Conformity Laboratories certification (KC mark)
  • Meet SGS safety certification
  • Waterproof with beautifully designed finishing
  • Double-sided reversible designs
  • Protective film on both sides for protection against accidental scratches
  • Comes in two sizes and 4 thicknesses:
    • Standard: 185 x 140cm, 12mm thick
    • Large: 210 x 140cm, 14mm thick
    • Plush Standard: 185 x 140cm, 15mm thick
    • Plush Large: 210 x 140cm, 18mm thick

Certified Safe for your little one

Our mats are created with safety as our top priority. We got them certified to be sure. Our mats boasts European safety standard EN71 certification, Korean Conformity Laboratories certification (KC mark) and SGS safety certification.

Completely non-toxic, no phthalates, no formamide and free of other harmful heavy metals substances (such as lead, mercury or zinc), BPA-Free. 

Superior cushioning for your child

Our mats are supremely thick and provide crucial protection for your child against bumps and falls. The memory-like cushion firmness lasts over time. Made with premium materials to pro long their lifespans.

Durable with intricate finishing

Our play mats will easily last and serve as the best space for your child as they grow. Feel the difference with intricate textures featured on all our mats. With an additional layer of protection film to guard against accidental scratches from toys.

Reversible Double-sided designs for versatility in your home

Engaging for learning and stimulation yet subtle and neutral to complement your home interior. Perfect for play time and family time.


Essential protection against accidental spills and leaks. 

Easy Maintenance

Hassle and fuss free clean-ups. Our mats will easily see your child through their growing up years with minimal care required from you. 

Scratch Resistant

Scratch Resistance

Our Greensoft Protection film protects the mat against accidental scratches from toys, enhancing the durability of the mat. Prolongs the lifespan of the play mat as your child grows!

Product safety

  • Remove all packaging and discard them away from your child.
  • Unroll your play mat then flip it over to the other side and lay it flat on the floor. This will help to relax and settle the ‘curl’ on your play mat.
  • Wipe both sides down with a damp cloth before use.

Things you need to know

The product may have a mild ‘new’ smell when it is first removed from the packaging. This will disappear within a few days in a well ventilated area.

You may notice slight crease lines on the play mat when it is first unrolled. These lines will settle and disappear over time after use due to the elasticity of the material.

How to care

  • Wipe clean with damp cloth for everyday care. You may use mild soap diluted with water to clean and wipe down again with a fresh damp cloth to remove any residue.
  • Do not use any strong chemical cleansers as they may damage the surface of the play mat.
  • Keep the play mat away from sharp objects that may puncture the surface of the mat.
  • Beware that pen ink, markers etc will leave permanent marks on the mat.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the play mat for prolonged periods.
  • Do not place heavy furniture on the play mat as it will leave deep depressions which will not ‘bounce’ back in a short period or may become permanent.


Purchase with confidence!

We provide a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase from all manufacturing defects.

A valid receipt must be presented to claim the warranty.

* Please note that incorrect use of the play mat will void your warranty.